Our Services

Layout, and Typesetting

Academic study should have a uniform, and perfect page layout because of the need to ensure structural integrity, readability, and compliance to relevant standards. Within this frame, we prepare your publications in the selected page layout, and printing format.

Electronic Publication

Logos Publication Co. in addition to printed publications, also renders required services for your electronic publications.
Prepublication stages;Evaluation Process by Referees, Editing both in Turkish, and English; Adjustment of References / Cross Check, Turkish – English /English – Turkish translations, etc. …

Online Article System
Logos Publication Co. provides an online article system for peer-reviewed scientific journals which it provides services with the intention to ensure faster realization of article submission, acceptance, and evaluation processes via internet  In this system, authors load their studies on the system, editors of the related field  deliver these works to reviewers , and all phases of evaluation can be monitored from this service.

Setting up a website 
We are creating a new website for newly published journals by buying a domain name, and for journal which have been published for some time, we are improving available website. Within context of these, we also prepare cover, and logo designs.

Plagiarization Audit
In academic publications, for the requirement to maintain integrity, and to comply with the principles of publication  ethics, subjecting academic studies to plagiarization audit increases quality of the publication  in question. Logos Publication Co. audits the articles for plagiarization, and reports the results for editorial boards of the journals.

Assigning  DOI number and QR Code  
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique numbering system which enables easy access to the contents of an online publication. In our practice, we are using this system with the advantages of easy access into your works, and follow up citation controls for both our printed, and electronic publications.
QR Code is a new generation barcoding system which saves time, and enables faster online access to your works. QR codes can be generated for the entire journal or for each individual study

Index Counseling

Logos Publication Co provides professional index counseling service for academic journals based on relevant national, and international standards. Within the context of this counseling, standards which should be adopted by your journal during  construction of publishing policy, and production of works are submitted to the editorial board. Necessary warnings and changes  are made based on modifications, and updates implemented within a year.
Databases appropriate for the field, and scope of the journal , and application criteria for these databases are investigated. If the journal meets the required criteria, then we apply in the name of the journal, and closely follow up the process.
Within the frame of index counseling, we don’t/can’t engage  any  committment with the journal in question. However required application procedures, and monitoring the evaluation process are assumed by us in behalf of the journal, and all required steps are taken in collaboration with the editorial board.

The acceptance code numbers of the journal in databases, their loading into system, and sending its printed copies are followed up by us.

Printing and Distribution Services

Logos Publication Co. also assumes the services of preprinting preparation of every kind of printed matter, and their printing,  packaging, and submission to distribution .

Other services we offer related to printing, and other underlays:

• Printing services
• Direct mailing
• Digital printing
• Data and database services
• E-media services
• Individualized document printing
• Printing Invoice, Insert, Receipt, and Official      Account Book
• Packing and data enveloping services
• Hologram printing services
• Folding, and binding services
• Production of private sector printed promotion material
• Design services
• Integrated stocking
• Printed matter  inventory management
• Distributed coordination of the printed matter

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